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The world famous story of Maria, her acceptance as a governess
into an aristocratic Austrian family and how they found happiness
by singing and playing music together.


Based on the famous film The Sound of Music.
A book about the life of the Trapp Family from Salzburg
with insightful and beautiful illustrations of Salzburg.


The appendix of the book
includes photographs and useful Information about
historical points of interest of Salzburg city and nearby.


For children and adults.

The Singing Family from Salzburg:

The Touching Story of the von Trapp Family

Paperback – November 2014

by Margret Springl (Author), Regine Otrel (Illustrator)



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4 Colors / 36 Pages




Margret Springl meets Johannes von Trapp (Sound of Music Salzburg)

The Author meets Johannes von Trapp in 2011 and gets a dedication for the book.




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